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Grandstand hotspots: Get the best view of the MotoGP stars

Many grandstands are already sold out. It’s time to act fast, if you want to get tickets for the CryptoDATA Motorrad Grand Prix von Österreich 2022.
View from the KTM stand

3 Corner Grandstand Hopping

Grandstand hopping is for those who want to see the best riders in the world, such as World Championship leader Fabio Quartararo, from different perspectives. With this ticket you will sit on a different grandstand on each of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The 3 Corner Grandstands Hopping tickets are available in a number of options for the MotoGP weekend.

Official Valentino Rossi Fan Club Grandstand

At the CryptoDATA Motorrad Grand Prix von Österreich 2022, a new attraction – the Münzer Chicane – will feature for the first time. Two 90-degree turns make for a fast double corner that will put the MotoGP riders’ full riding skills to the test plus provide extra racing action and overtaking manoeuvres. You have the best view of the chicane from the Valentino Rossi Fan Club Grandstand.

T3 Grandstand

In the past, the T3 was known as being an ideal curve for a block pass. Due to the new chicane, there will be a completely new racing line here in 2022, which will be vital to find when accelerating out from it into the Schönberg straight. From the T3 grandstand you have a clear view of one of the best overtaking spots at the Red Bull Ring.

Standing area

The riders will switch gears, throw their weight forward and race off down the long straight towards T4. From the standing area not far from the Schönberg grandstand, you can watch as the best riders in the world go about their business. If you just can’t sit still with all the MotoGP action going in, the standing area is ideal for you.

KTM Grandstand

With short acceleration and hard braking needed, the passage between T6 and T7 is considered another overtaking hotspot at the Red Bull Ring. From the KTM grandstand you not only have the best view, but you are sure to be in good company if the Austrian manufacturer takes its third home victory at the Red Bull Ring this year.

T10 Grandstand

The Red Bull Ring is known in MotoGP for its battles at the last turn as the Grand Prix at Spielberg has so often been decided in the last corner of the last lap. We cannot forget the sheer thrills of Marc Márquez v Andrea Dovizioso or Miguel Oliveira v Pol Espargaró and Jack Miller. From the T10 grandstand you have a perfect view of any dramatic action in the last turn.

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