Let our creative delicacies sweeten your life a little

Every occasion becomes even more enjoyable with a sweet touch. Whether it’s an artfully designed wedding cake with festive decorations, a sweet table or a small giveaway, the creative delicacies from the in-house patisserie at the Red Bull Ring will provide an explosion of taste in your mouth.

Fruit or chocolate cakes, pralines, cupcakes, sweets in a glass, macarons or classics such as Malakoff Cake and Black Forest Gateau – everything only tastes as good as its ingredients. The secret lies in the high-quality produce used. For example, the chocolate comes from Valrhona in France, the eggs are delivered from nearby Kobenz, the flour is ground in the Uitz mill in Knittelfeld and the dairy products are brought fresh from a dairy in Upper Styria.

In order to meet your requirements, our head pâtissier will take the time to discuss everything with you – right down to the smallest detail. Specially made themed cakes are produced within a week and normal individual cakes in three days. Wedding cakes and sweet tables are planned a little more precisely, and these should ideally be discussed a month in advance. In all cases, your eyes and palates are in for an incredible experience.

The delicacies are not only available in the Wing Café and Bull’s Lane at the Red Bull Ring, as we can deliver them to your home on request.