Hotel Hofwirt at Seckau


Styrian hospitality since 1603

This unique Baroque jewel is located opposite the Benedictine Abbey of Seckau. As soon as you enter, you are enveloped by historical magic and a special feel-good atmosphere. In almost all the rooms of the Hofwirt there are elaborate stucco ceilings from 1720, which have been uncovered and restored with remarkable precision. Each of them probably has so many incredible stories to tell.

The Hofwirt is known in the region and far beyond for its classic Styrian cuisine. This is characterised by a select group of almost exclusively regional produce, the highest respect for all food used and a focus on using ingredients as intended – leading to harmonious compositions that provide pure taste experiences thanks to the excellent detailed work behind them.

The warm hospitality in this inspiring place, the unique cosiness of the dining room of this baroque jewel and the simple yet stunning down-to-earth cuisine make every visit to the Hofwirt a complete pleasure experience. It offers all the good things in life – eating out in comfort and unforgettable events, from romantic weddings to impressive product presentations, or longer stays in one of the unique suites of the house.