MotoGP at the Red Bull Ring

When the world’s best riders step on the gas at the Red Bull Ring, the excitement is inevitable. No other course has seen so many extremely tense last-corner decisions all the way to the finish line. We still get goosebumps when we remember Marc Márquez vs. Andrea Dovizioso or Miguel Oliveira vs. Pol Espargaró and Jack Miller – and this year, there will no doubt be another MotoGP race that will make you bite your nails and jump from your seat!

The new MotoGP chicane, a fluid left-right combination in the last third of the upward straight, is just perfect for overtaking manoeuvres. And, in addition to the racing action, fans can expect an extensive side event programme. The “Spielberg MotoGP Bike City” offers live acts, air displays by the Flying Bulls, FMX and stunt shows for all sorts of action and fun. Desciption Edit

From 19 to 21 August 2022, the Red Bull Ring will be THE place to be for all two-wheel fans.

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