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#AustrianGP 2022: PS-loaded show with the Flying Bulls

Flying Bulls Air Display

As part of the “Formula 1 Rolex Großer Preis von Österreich 2022”, the Flying Bulls are to put on shows packed with horsepower at incredible heights. Fans can look forward to remarkable aircraft thundering overhead. In addition to the legendary B-25 J Mitchell, an Alpha Jet – equipped with the latest avionics and the F4U Corsair – will also be on display. This is noted for being particularly fast and agile and is perhaps the most iconic of the Flying Bulls’ aircraft. The special thing about the Corsair is that the plane can fold its wings up hydraulically. The Flying Bulls’ machines are piloted by specially trained and experienced pilots.

The Flying Bulls’ squadron:

• B25 Mitchel
• P38 Lightning
• Alpha Jet
• F4U Corsair
• TAH1 Cobra (Helicopter)
• EDGE 540

In addition to the Flying Bulls, two Eurofighters from the Austrian military will also honour the Formula 1 with their presence.

Flying Bulls Air Display

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