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#AustrianGP 2022: Interview with Marc Márquez

MotoGP is planning a format change. What are your thoughts on the plan to implement the F1 sprint format in MotoGP?

It’s very difficult and a challenge to improve the show and to find new ways to attract more people. At the moment nothing is official, but if its like this than I like it. I love racing so for me it’s fine.

How hard and emotional is it to watch your colleagues driving?

It’s difficult to be here as a spectator. For that reason, I came Thursday and Friday. Not because I don’t want to be here, but I need to continue with my rehabilitation. It’s very hard but it was important to be here and have meetings with the team and to understand the problem with the bike. We try to improve it for the future, and it was a very positive meeting.

We saw in the past big fights at the Red Bull Ring. What are your memories of the races here in Austria?

Yes, I had a lot of fights and I lost some of them in the last corner (laughs). I like the circuit and it’s sad that I can’t try the new chicane. From the outside, it looks very interesting.

I’ll be back said a big Austrian guy. Is that your motto?

That’s the biggest challenge in my life. I won many times, I did many kinds of races, but it’s the first time that I’ll have to come back from a very big injury. I mean… it’s a two-year injury. Since 2020 when I broke my arm, it has been a nightmare. But I want to be back at the top. This is my target.

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