We, as Projekt Spielberg GmbH & Co KG (from this point forward referred to as “Projekt Spielberg”) have committed ourselves as the operator of the Red Bull Ring to act accordingly to the values of social equity, environmental protection as well as to a fair and nondiscriminatory community. The unconditional force and support of environmental protection, an environmentally friendly usage of resources and a responsible economic management has been fully implemented in Projekt Spielberg daily business. Projekt Spielberg strives for a responsible use of resources at any given moment, which is why we seek to avoid or at least derease any environmental impacts Projekt Spielberg may have. This is not limited to reducing unnecessary usage of energy, water consumption or all types of waste. Projekt Spielberg considers sustainability to be one of the key conditions for a future-proof society.

Sustainability @ Red Bull Ring

  • Our sustainability management’s base and backbone consist of a vast amount of core principles and self-commitments. Our principles and self-commitments manifest themselves not only through the manners of Supplier Code of Conduct and Code-of-Business-Conduct, but also through our company and its respectful employees, represented by their consistent awareness of the impact they have on the environment.
  • Our Sustainability Policy is firmly anchored in each specialist department and practised whithin respective areas of responsibility. In this context, the executive board ensures an appropriate setting in which employees are encouraged to bring up sensitive environmental issues as well as corresponding solution approaches at any time.
  • Since 2021 an annual carbon footprint of the Red Bull Ring is calculated in order to identify potentials for minimising emissions of harmful greenhouse gases and to use them in the spirit of sustainability.
  • Targeted and efficient monitoring of all environmental aspects and impacts is an integral part of our business activities. In this context, the success of our environmental measures is regularly reviewed and, if necessary, further improved.
  • By using a compliance software specially adapted to the Red Bull Ring, we ensure continuous compliance with all environmental regulations.
  • Each contracting party must comply with international, national and local legislations at any given moment, particularly in regard to waste, emissions, usage of resources and hazardous substances. Breaches and vilations of the stated legislations will not be tolerated by Projekt Spielberg.
  • All business partners, which are providing services for Projekt Spielberg, are expected to unconditionally comply with our environmental and sustainability standards.
  • Projekt Spielberg classifies protecting the environment as equally important as any other relevant business aspects within a decision-making process.
  • A consistent waste separation and sustainable recycling of reusable materials and resources is a matter that is exemplified every day by Projekt Spielberg and its employees. New recycling options and waste reduction measures are evaluated and tested on a regular basis in the cooperation with our waste management companies.

A foresighted environmental protection and a sustainable development define a headline target. The achievement of this objective shall be the key indicator in order to measure the socail and economic success of a corporation. The benchmark for a long-term corporate policy is embodied by a sustainable development. Each employee is committed to comply to these values. In order to make the expected contribution to the advancement of a socially successfully lived sustainability and environmental awareness, each employee needs to personally satisfy the Code-of-Business-Conduct in their daily work. Every year the entire Motorsports World is looking enviously at the stunning nature, the scenic as well as the natural atmosphere surrounding the Red Bull Ring. Not only for this reason the protection and preservation of this energy center in the middle of the green heart of Austria is of a particular high importance for Projekt Spielberg.

Sustainability Policy for download