Offroad Fahren Special Mitarbeiter


Get your adrenaline rush

Get out of the stress of everyday life and into the fun – nowhere is that better than at the Red Bull Ring! So that your stay is guaranteed to be a highlight, we have a special offer for you: Book an Offroad Experience Gold and receive a -20% discount (valid until November 30, 2022). Please note that this benefit is only valid for private individual bookings.

A real four-wheel drive adventure off the paved surface awaits your employees. Covering an area of around 8,000 square meters, you’ll find inclined drives, a wave track, a wooden path, a gravel bed and a wide variety of climbs over rocks, steps, rollers and with a winch. Our 4WD Test Track offers everything the horsepower heart of an off-road adventurer desires.

During the 60-minute off-road experience in a 4×4 vehicle from our fleet, your employees test the physical limits off the paved roads and experience a lot of action.