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Weihnachtskleckerei Edition 2022: The fun starts where the road ends

Experience a sheer off-road adventure with like-minded people.

Is there nothing you find more exciting than discovering new terrain with your off-road vehicle? Then now is your chance! Book your spot today in our Weihnachtskleckerei Edition on 17 December 2022 at the Red Bull Ring.

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or off-road pro – as long as you have petrol in your blood and enjoy getting to know your own vehicle. The Weihnachtskleckerei Edition requires your full commitment. You will put your willpower to the test as the adrenaline flows – and you push both yourself and the vehicle to the limit.

With gravel, steps, barrels and winches as well as lots of challenging forest descents – experience a sheer off-road adventure with like-minded people on our 4WD Test Track and Offroad Car Track. You will have experienced instructors at your side, of course, who know both tracks like the back of their hands and will let you in on their off-road secrets.


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