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Behind the scenes: Race Control at the Red Bull Ring

We take a look behind the scenes.
Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen: Race Control

The Race Control is the central point of every race track. Decisions are made there that separate victory from defeat or can even decide world championships like in 2021 in Abu Dhabi. The Race Control at the Red Bull Ring is one of the most modern on the F1 circuit.

The race stewards have 21 monitors at their disposal, which can be digitally divided into 84 smaller ones. The 34 cameras with 4k resolution can rotate 360 degrees to cover absolutely every part of the 4.3-kilometre race track.

Anyone who wants an exclusive look at the high-tech equipment in the command centre can do so on a Red Bull Ring Tour, which gives motorsport fans exclusive access to areas that are normally off limits to the public.

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