Nimm im Škoda Fabia S200 Platz

“Mundl” as your private chauffeur

Want to get out of the office and experience something together that isn’t a bog-standard team event? Then the Red Bull Ring has something prefect for you. You have the unique opportunity with us to ride in a 270 horsepower, 200 km/h Škoda Fabia S200 in its original rally set-up.

Wait for it – your chauffeur is none other than Raimund Baumschlager, Austria’s most successful rally driver. From the passenger seat you can experience how late the rally legend brakes on gravel and how intuitively he operates the handbrake. You’ll feel the stones clattering into the underbody and the naturally aspirated engine roaring. “No one has ever got out of the car early yet. On the contrary, there are many repeat offenders,” jokes Baumschlager.

The tracks: