KTM X-Bow Race Taxi

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KTM X-Bow Race Taxi

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The hot seat

Our professionals push the 330 horsepower KTM X-Bow to its limit – and you will experience to your own body just what motorsport means at a high level. The KTM X-Bow's lack of a roof, carbon chassis and racing body make this experience feel even more spectacular. If you have always wanted to ride in a racing car, you are in the perfect place.

Depending on your mood (and perhaps your stomach), you can choose between two options. Would you rather experience what it feels like to race through one turn after another in the Driving Center, or to feel the top speed and centrifugal forces as only the top drivers at the Red Bull Ring usually do? It’s your choice!

Two fast laps in the KTM X-Bow Race Taxi at the Driving Center

You can bet that this driving experience will take your pulse from 0 to 100 in just 3.9 seconds? When our professional steps on the accelerator and pushes the 330 hp KTM X-Bow to the limit, you experience just what precision means from the passenger seat. You can feel on your own body how soon real racing drivers recognise their vehicle sliding and how finely they have to steer against it to balance the car again. If you have always wanted to watch a professional at work, you’re in the perfect place.

Three laps in the KTM X-Bow Race Taxi at the Red Bull Ring

Take a quick glance at the digital cockpit - is there really 200 km/h on the speedometer? Why on earth isn't the driver braking yet? When he finally brakes, you can feel yourself go right into the belts, and then comes the next unstoppable impulse as your whole body and head is pushed to the left when the professional in the driver's seat has gone through the Niki Lauda curve right at the apex and accelerates again. What is a routine matter for him is an unforgettable experience for you. One that shows you just what racing feels like when you're in the car yourself.


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