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School of precision

In the Driving Center, good drivers are made better and, above all, faster. Over the 46,000 square-metre site in the interior of the Red Bull Ring, every driving situation can be recreated. A skidpad, downhill section, circular track and an asphalt surface capable of handling heavy rain result in a facility in which not only safe driving, but also endless fun can be created. The individual elements can be combined to form a circular track in order to arrange for even more complex driving situations. Whether with your own car or a vehicle from our fleet - driving fun and real learning is guaranteed at the Driving Center!

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Choose your adventure

Anyone who wants to feel like a racer themselves can choose from a variety of unique driving experiences throughout the year. Our in-house fleet, equipped with F4 cars, Moto2 bikes and NASCAR, will thrill every motorsport enthusiast. People with special needs have the opportunity to drive a Porsche with hand control.


Driving Center at the Red Bull Ring complex

Training with a car or motorcycle in perfect, safe conditions and under the guidance of experienced instructors and trainers. This is exactly why we built the Driving Center on the Red Bull Ring. You can bring your vehicle to the limit in complete safety in the Driving Center – and where the limit is depends entirely on you.

Artificial watering

The terrain inside the Red Bull Ring is as diverse as it is sophisticated. From drifting to balancing, from high-speed driving to absolute precision, every challenge can be tailored to the huge terrain with its different road surfaces.  For an even bigger challenge, part of the Driving Center can be artificially watered. Even at low speeds, this ensures for unstable driving – and a steep learning curve.

The perfect practice track

The state-of-the-art Driving Center at the Red Bull Ring site is the perfect practice track - with us, you can test virtually any vehicle and set yourself new limits. This applies to professionals as well as amateurs, to racers on two and four wheels. Whether on Ohvale MiniGP bikes or your own motorcycle, whether with the KTM X-Bow or a Porsche 718 Cayman S - in the Driving Center everyone gets their money's worth. Our expert team would also be delighted to create tailor-made packages for individuals or groups.